Chromatic Aberration Removal in Lightroom

Lightroom 4.1 introduces new CA removal tool that addresses all types of chromatic aberration. The tool is very easy to use and does really good work. You can select automatic correction, use color picker to select the fringe color(s) or use sliders to fine tune the settings. The correction can be also applied locally.


Lightroom 4.1 - CA correction tool settings panel


First example shows automatic correction of lateral chromatic aberration. When correct lens profile was used, older versions of LR did a pretty good job with lateral CA, too.

CA reduction in Lightroom 4.1


Another example of one click correction of lateral chromatic aberration correction. Further improvement would be possible with the local removal tool.

Lateral chromatic aberation correction in LR 4.1


This picture was taken with Zeiss Distagon 28ZE. The lens shows strong purple fringing more often than other lenses. This one was significantly reduced by a single click in LR. In this case, the eyedropper did not work well, but the automatic correction did good enough job.


Extreme case of CA – again, Zeiss Distagon 28/2. First picture is 100% crop from 21MP uncorrected. The second is the same crop after correction (with eyedropper used to select the fringe color). The purple areas were desaturated, but the result is much more acceptable than the original . The third shot shows the whole picture and the desaturated areas are not visible. The crop if from top left corner.

Extreme CA correction in LR 4.1


Now an example of longitudinal (axial) chromatic aberration. This example is from Zeiss Makro-Planar 100 ZE.

Before correction:

LR 4.1 - LoCA correction

After correction:

LR 4.1 - LoCA correction


See excellent explanation and examples of chromatic aberrations on


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