Digital Photo Calculator is an iPhone application, researched and developed to help digital photographers with sensor-related and color-related calculations.

Some practical examples

  • Find maximum resolution achievable with your camera. If you know your sensor type (APS, FF etc.) and resolution in MP, you can calculate resolution in lp/mm
  • Find diffraction limit of your sensor. If you know your sensor size and resolution, you can calculate what is the maximum f-stop you can use before diffraction starts deteriorating the image
  • See visual representation of RGB and Lab color
  • Convert between RGB and Lab or RGB and RGB
  • Find Dmax and Dmin with ColorMunki or another spectrophotometer. If your calibrator/spectrophotometer returns Lab readings of your prints, you can use Digital Photo Calculator to calculate Dmax and Dmin values (or any other density). Just get reading of darkest/lightest areas of your print in Lab and enter the numbers to Digital Photo Calculator
  • See visual differences between RGB numbers in different color spaces. Enter RGB values and preview the color while switching between sRGB, AdobeRGB and ProPhoto RGB
  • Find web color for given Lab or RGB value. Digital Photo Calculator can convert Lab, sRGB, AdobeRGB and ProPhoto RGB to web color representation (#RRGGBB)
  • Find 35mm equivalent focal length. Select your sensor size and focal length and the app will calculate what focal length on a FF camera would have the same field of view

Check out the links below to see all available functions.

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