GeoKit for Photographers: Finished

GeoKit for Photographers is an iOS app for photographers with cameras that do not have built-in GPS but want their images geotagged. In a typical workflow photographers start the app, put the phone in their pocket and take pictures. When the photo session is over, they upload the images to Lightroom, Photo Mechanic or other leading photo organizer along with data from GeoKit where geographic coordinates are added to the image files.

The first release on the App Store is labeled as 1.1. Why starting with 1.1? GeoKit has been created and tested and then rebuilt from the ground up in order to embrace latest features of the iOS and provide the user with easier navigation.

Simplest App

GeoKit is a simple app. It only records mobile device’s whereabouts and exports them in GPX file format. Synchronize time, start recording, stop recording. Export. Easy. But development of this app took more time than much more functionally rich Digital Photo Calculator. Significant portion of the effort was spent on creating a balance between accuracy, battery life and size of the exported data.

Find out more about GeoKit at or download it from the AppStore.


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