World Meeting Planner

World Time Meeting Planner for iPhone is an international time converter for scheduling conference calls, videoconferences, webcasts, Skype calls or virtual training across world time zones. The application was designed to find suitable international meeting time quickly and without frustration. Meetings can be scheduled directly from the application via email, calendar or select social media.

Select locations from built-in list of nearly 150,000 cities from all continents or create your own. Create list of favorites for quick access in the future.
Dial in date and time for the meeting. Time zones calculation is done as you change date and time in the date picker and local time in time zones for all participants is displayed

Schedule the meeting in your calendar or send an invitation email

Digital Photo Calculator

Digital Photo Calculator for iPhone calculates sensor resolution in lp/mm, diffraction limit, Dmax and Dmin values from Lab measurements, DOF and hyperfocal distance optimized for given sensor size and resolution, converts between RGB and Lab color spaces and provides interactive tool to calculate sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, daylight hours, shadow length and other Sun and Moon related data.

Calculate hyperfocal distance and depth of field. Use your sensor size and resolution as criteria for acceptable blur or use traditional, more forgiving standard.

Get sun and moon positions at any time, any place. Plan your landscape composition with Digital Photo Calculator to have moon in the right place in the frame. Find sunrise and sunset times and positions for the most interesting light.

Calculate pixel dimensions, pixel size, resolution and diffraction limit. Find what angle of view has a lens on your sensor and what is the corresponding focal length on a full frame camera.

Convert values from Lab to RGB, RGB to Lab or between AdobeRGB, sRGB and ProPhoto RGB color spaces. Calculate color temperature or density from Lab values. Get preview of the color on your iPhone


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