World Meeting Planner 3

Schedule across timezones,

without frustration.

Schedule conference calls, videoconferences, webcasts, Skype calls or virtual training across world time zones without frustration.


  • Built-in database of nearly 150,000 cities from all continents and time zones of the world
  • Frequently used and custom locations can be stored for future use as favorites
  • Support for daylight saving time
  • Email invitations with local time for all participating time zones and ICS attachment, scheduling via calendar or select social media
  • Help and support links included
  • Supports both iPhone and iPad

User testimonials

  •  I’m finding WorldPlanner very useful because I have regular Skype sessions between Australia, England and Sweden.
  • Thanks for creating this Mirek – made a three way meeting between me, East Coast, and India a breeze 🙂
  • Great useful app. Saves me a lot of time when I have to schedule meetings with customers all over the world!

Privacy policy

World Meeting Planner 3 does not collect any user or device data. Period.

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