How to measure Dmax and Dmin with X-Rite ColorMunki Photo

This article describes how to measure maximum density (Dmax) of your prints with X-Rite ColorMunki Photo. The same can be applied to measuring Dmin.

Find suitable print

Find a print that has reasonably large patches of maximum density. I like to use print test target from Uwe Steinmueller.

Measure the darkest patch with ColorMunki Photo

ColorMunki Photo ships with Photo ColorPicker application.

  • Use ColorPicker to measure your darkest patch.
  • Repeat the measurement several times
  • Find the darkest measured patch. This will be the patch that has smallest L value

Once you measured the patches and found the darkest, you can use Digital Photo Calculator iPhone App to convert the value to Dmax.

There is also an online calculator on Bruce Lindbloom’s web site that can convert Lab values to density.


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