What is coming in Digital Photo Calculator v.3?

DPC is long overdue for update and the new version is coming out soon with many improvements. What is coming? There are major improvements notably in the user interface design, in the Sun and Moon module and in the Color conversions module. Known bugs have been fixed, too.

User interface


The user interface has been re-designed to support the whole scale of iOS devices from iPhone 5s or iPhone SE to iPad Pro and you can use the app in vertical as well as horizontal orientation. Access to features has been streamlined.

Sun and Moon module


In order to support all sizes of iOS devices, Sun and Moon module has been redesigned with scalable vector graphics. The controls were changed to allow easier operation and more interactivity. Shooting location for Sun and Moon calculations can be now pointed to on a map, entered as any world address or as geographic coordinates. There is no need to enter time zone of the shooting location anymore.

Color conversions module


Color conversions module has been extended to support large number of color spaces and color modules related to digital photography. For example, we support the DCI-P3 color space used in the iPad Pro with wide gamut display and color spaces used internally in Adobe Lightroom. Color presets have a been added for popular colors. There is new functionality that shows color gamuts of color spaces involved in the conversion. The app also shows color name for the entered color values.


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