DPC hyperfocal distance narrower?

Calculations of hyperfocal distance and depth of field require that you establish what is an acceptable level of blur. Some hyperfocal/DOF tables and calculators base acceptable blur on smaller sized prints. Such calculations can be acceptable for certain types of photography and enlargement sizes. However, if you calculate hyperfocal distance or DOF for detailed landscape shots where you need critical sharpness and detail at infinity, you will need calculation that is less forgiving.

DP Calculator has been designed with that in mind and it establishes acceptable blur based on two parameters – actual maximum resolution of the sensor and diffraction limit. In theory, if you use DP Calc to calculate hyperfocal distance, it will give you values that should ensure that your infinity sharpness will be only limited by your sensor, lens and sturdiness of your tripod. The same applies for DOF caclulations. Please note that different lenses behave differently and actual results may vary. The calculated hyperfocal and DOF data should be used only as a starting point.


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